Aboriginal Awareness Campaign

Wow this was an interesting journey. I personally did not know a ton about the plights of Indigenous people in Canada, aside from the obvious and oft retold tales of pox laden blankets and social oppression. Thats not to say that I didn't sympathize at all with them, but I along with what I imagine … Continue reading Aboriginal Awareness Campaign


Canadian Design Today: Clement Mok

  Although I don't necessarily love his design work, I am totally impressed with Mok's industrious attitude. It is not often that you come across a designer with such an entrepreneurial spirit, and I think he sets an amazing example as someone who has proved that your success in the field can rely heavily on … Continue reading Canadian Design Today: Clement Mok

Advertising Innovator: Thomas Geismar

  I love Thomas Geismar's work. His ability to use collage and three dimensional objects in his poster work really showcases his ability to utilize multiple mediums, which I found extremely innovate especially considering they were fairly groundbreaking techniques when he was implementing them. It's interesting that although some of his techniques, specifically the Pepsi … Continue reading Advertising Innovator: Thomas Geismar

Chapter 10 Spread Research

Notable Designers and Seminal Works 1929-1939 Gerd ArntzĀ (1900-1988) German modernist artist best known for his black white woodcuts Well known communist, contributed many works to communist newspapers, many of his prints featuring recurring themes of class Sought by Otto Neurath to collaborate on a universal system of Isotype (language of logo style images used to … Continue reading Chapter 10 Spread Research